Innovation Essentials Video Part 4: Knocking on Opportunity’s Door

by adminsmartstrm

Innovation Essentials Video Part 4: Knocking on Opportunity’s Door

by adminsmartstrm

by adminsmartstrm

An innovative spirit, the ability and willingness to take calculated risk, and a powerful vision are all essential to the innovation process.

But something more is needed: an opportunity.

In order for innovation to take place, the prevailing environment and conditions must be in alignment. No matter how remarkable your innovative business idea may be, it is only as worthwhile as the opportunity you will actually have to bring it to life. And, how successful you are at seizing that opportunity.

When we define innovation, we make the point that it must deliver “greater value or benefit.” So it’s got to be something that someone, somewhere really needs or wants.

In other words, mastering the art of problem solving is only useful if there is a problem to solve.

Of course, while the timing may not be right for a particular idea, there are always opportunities to change and improve the status quo. As legendary entertainer Milton Berle once suggested, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

In this thought-provoking “What is innovation?” video, SmartStorming partner and co-founder, Keith Harmeyer, discusses the critical importance of opportunity in the innovation process – and how to develop an “opportunity seeker” mindset, a key skill for any successful innovator.

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Written by SmartStorming Founders, Mitchell Rigie & Keith Harmeyer